What Will the Future Bring?

by jzornado

2050 A Future History is a speculative fiction epic in three volumes, though only the first two volumes have been published so far, both by Iron Diesel Press.   I was influenced by Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World, along with films like Blade Runner and The Matrix.  But at the same time I’ve always loved the notion of an epic saga since I first came across it in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Herbert’s classic Dune series. Ever since reading these and other works as a teenager some thirty years ago, I knew I wanted to tell a story that big, but since then I’ve developed my own reasons to write, and so in 2050 I combine the elements of science fiction, the cautionary tale, and the fantasy epic to frame 2050 as a “future history.”  

The trilogy begins with Volume One: Gods of Little Earth (2007) and continues in the recently published Volume Two: The Power at the Bottom of the World (2012).  The saga concludes with Volume Three: When Immortals Reign, but that one is still a couple of years off.  

And so, I wonder, what will the future bring?  If you want to know what I think is in our future, check out 2050 A Future History Volumes One and Two.  You can find them at Amazon.com, among others.Image